*** 5th August 2020 – CLOSURE OF CLUB HOUSES – UPDATE ***

Further changes to the rules for booking Raven Crag have been made – see the Guidance document on the “Book a bed” page.

*** 8th July 2020 – CLOSURE OF CLUB HOUSES – UPDATE ***

Following the gradual lifting of CoVID restrictions in both England and Wales the Club’s Executive Committee has decided that the two properties, Cae Groes and Raven Crag, can re-open as from Friday 17 July 2020.

However the re-opening of the properties is only possible through adopting some significant changes to the way that they are used and operated to be in line with the Law and Guidance issued by Westminster for Raven Crag and by the Welsh Senedd for Cae Groes. In Raven Crag only one booking group can be booked into the house at any one time. In Cae Groes it will be possible to accommodate up to 3 groups using distinct self-contained spaces. Details of how this is intended to work is included in the additional House Rules & Guidance for each house, available on the members’ “Book a bed” page  on this website.

Your attention is drawn to two key aspects:

Firstly the onus will be on the Club member making the booking to ensure that individuals in their group are allowed to share the same space in accordance with the respective government’s guidance at that time – bearing in mind that these requirements in terms of households and ‘social bubbles’ may be different between England and Wales and that they are likely to change over time.

Secondly, as you are aware, the Club aims to provide cheap accommodation on the basis that there is no continued staff presence on the site. Shared areas are only cleaned once a week and therefore the onus has always been on members and their guests to clean and tidy up after their visit. The CoVID 19 situation now means that there are greater responsibilities on members and users to clean surfaces when they arrive and leave the properties and also to regularly do so during their stay to help reduce the spread of infections for them and other users. Obviously having this done by third parties would significantly increase the costs of using the properties.

Other changes to the use of the properties include such things as taking all your own bedding (including pillows), ensuring all rubbish is taken away on departure, and modified times for departure and arrival. Details of these and other matters are included in the additional House Rules & Guidance. We expect that all our members and their guests will act responsibly and adhere to the rules of the house to ensure that we can keep both properties open and help ensure the safety of everyone.

New bookings can now be made by emailing the respective Booking Secretary (using or Priority is being given to those who chose to defer a cancelled booking. Other bookings will be processed from 11 July 2020 on a first come, first served basis. Please ensure that you download the latest booking form as there is now a separate form for each property.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope that you will be able to make use of either or both properties in the very near future.